Ryan D Clark

Agriculture Data Security and Automation Engineer

Sorting out our flow

July 23, 2019

One of the frustrating things about starting a business is getting your toolchain and workflow setup.

nClouds changed our ticket system about every 4 months. Task tracking and sales CRM are the same way. So many tools seem so promising but adoption is hard. After the 2nd and 3rd one the team will also tend to reduce effort as well. Basically, tell me when your done and I will learn it. Who can blame them? What I thought was bad in 2009 is crazy today.

Honestly, going from:


Looking more like this:


All steps in the correct direction but it never ends.

Well now working with the Middlestate team we get to craft a new toolchain. I will write some posts in the coming days to explain what we use and why we use it. It will be fun to look back and update this series of posts as we change.

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